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How To Prepare Your Pet For In-Cabin Airplane Travel

DYI (Doing it yourself) instructions are very simple. Whether you purchase one of our Pet In-cabin carrier packages or another, knowing what is expected for Airline Approved in-cabin travel is as easy as watching a video. All Airlines have different guidelines set up for pet travel. Some are simple some are very restrictive. We have found in our research that no matter which airline you choose, these guidelines in this video cover all the bases and eliminates some of the stress of knowing what to do. Now Introducing the TSA Fast Pass Harness and Leash in our In-Cabin package. This will allow you to go through airline security with ease. You not only will have more control of your pet but with the TSA harness and leashes not having any metal will ease the process of airline security.

Follow these simple steps and you will ensure better safety for your pet while traveling with you in cabin.

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