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Cats and Kittens – Buddy’s new friends

Buddy the catIf it is at all possible, having two cats versus just one in a household can have a lot of benefits. Both for you and the cats. It is always said that having a younger cat with an older one can help the older cat as he ages. We have seen that when we introduced Buddy into the house. We had Lucky and Charlie at the time, both getting older and at times liking each other and not. Then came Buddy. He was 1 years old when we acquired him. Before he was living in an apartment with another cat and baby on the way. His owners felt he was too much with the new baby so with much regret, they gave him up. Now we fully understand this. Not having children ourselves but having orange cats before, we knew how much energy they have.

So Buddy came to us. We also have learned over the years and having many a cat, you have to slowly introduce new additions to the house. Buddy lived in our downstairs “Man Cave” for couple of months. Since living in an apartment, and having several toys to play with, he had no problem with this. The weather that winter was exceptionally cold so introducing him into the house without the cat door open also worked. Now Lucky had a bit of time with the cat door closed. He lived outside for a while before we found him so being couped up in a house and have to ask for going outside was not his thing. And on top of that, there was this new little nemesis in the house. Charlie on the other hand was just fine with this new cat. Besides, he decided, not us, to live on our side of the street. More the merrier!

That is the other point about having more than one cat; they entertain each other. While you are working you can be comforted in knowing that your cats are keeping each other company. I do have to say there is cats out there that would prefer to be the only cat in the household. With that kind of personality, sure, but our experience with cats has been where they live longer and happier if they have a friend.

What was fun with Buddy was opening the cat door. First it was just the cat door fascination. He spent a half and hour just going in and out the door! Then he discovered the outside. Fortunately we have a quiet street and a well landscaped yard. Lots of places to hide under and climb. We love playing out there ourselves which helped. We couldn’t get him back in for awhile! So many things to experience!Buddy in a fern

Now, 6 years later, Buddy is the elder in the household of cats. We just introduced Tucker and Pete who are now 7 months old. We keep reminding Buddy that he was the newbie once and constantly wanted Lucky and Charlie and then just Lucky to play with him. Sometimes they would and sometimes they wouldn’t. Buddy was real sad when Lucky passed on and we felt he needed some friends to cheer him up. We would have preferred to have a couple older ones but the opportunity for these two orange brothers appeared.

It has taken Buddy a bit to get use to them. You do have to take more time with kittens but we are making sure Buddy still knows he is loved. He has to remind them that he was here first and they accept that. And what is really fun is to watch them follow each other around and play at times if they don’t know we are watching. Buddy will be roaming the yard with them and if he sees me he immediately pretends he doesn’t like them. Cats and territory at all times. I believe as they grow and move out of being kitten a relationship will also grow with Buddy. He already is showing signs of the big brother. Cats and kittens you just can’t beat it. They also love to assist with trying out the cat toys. Buddy’s favorite is the pink rabbit fur pom pom. Not sure why that color, he only knows.Buddy 2015

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