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The All-In-One Pet Airline Package

orange cat logoIntroducing the All-In-One Pet Airline Package

Here at Kats’n Us we feel our cat toy kits, the all- in- one cat toy package is perfect for new adoptions, pet sitting gifts, cat lover gifts plus many other ideas. We then thought what a great item to include when pets travel. As we were doing our research we discovered another all in one package that needed to be presented.

The All- in- One pet Airline Package.

Transporting or relocating pets can be very trying for you and your pet. The rules and requirements for pets who travel on the airlines have changed over the years. Making sure your kennel-crate is airline compliant can be confusing. Therefore we decided to take the guess work out of it for you! We now offer airline approved pet carrier package. These all in one packages  have all the latest state of the art safety features.

No fuss! You get an airline approved crate, enough metal nuts and steel bolts for this crate, the proper amount of live animal labels, Dry Fur pads, enough cable ties, food and water bowls that fit the door, pet ID tags, Everything! We put it all together make it easier on you and your pet!

They are 100% Guaranteed Airline Approved by ALL AIRLINES. 100% Approved for Domestic and International Flights too! All you need to do is decide which size fits your pet. See our handy pet size guide.  Oh! Don’t forget to add a cat toy kit when your pet is traveling. They can easily be attached to the kennel-crate.  Here is an article about the 10 biggest Mistakes Pet Owners make Shipping a pet.

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