Real Rabbit Fur Mouse Cat Toy with Rattle Sound

Real Rabbit Fur Mouse Cat Toy with Rattle Sound   Description: They are made out of real 100% rabbit fur with a leather tail and are about 2 inches long. They all have 2 leather ears and a red nose. They are made with a soft plastic body with a small pebble inside to make […]

Dat Darn Ferret Rabbit Fur Cat Toy

Introducing a new product to our cat toy collection! These furry natural gray real rabbit fur ferrets are your cats delight! They are one of our cat toys from our NEW Classic Retro Collection. They are made out of 100% Real Rabbit fur and are about 10 inches long including their furry tail. They 2 […]

Cat Toy Teaser Wand “Bugsy” Bug Fly

The “Bugsy” Bug Fly Cat Toy Teaser Wand is a great interactive toy for you and your cat! Cats in exercise, especially if they are inside all the time. This toy creates some fun for you and your cat and gives them exercise at the same time. The fishing line used is light and can […]

Best Cat Toy Collection

Can’t decide which classic cat toy to choose? Need a great cat lover gift? These cute fabric paw print gift bags are stuffed with our latest additions to our Kats’N Us Cat toy line. Real rabbit fur mice, Tuff Kitty Puff Sparkle balls, Real rabbit Fur Pom Pom Balls, and Jumbo Tuff Kitty Puff Cat […]

sparkle ball mouse with rattle cat toy pack

Two of our most popular items put together in one pack! The  Sparkle ball Tuff Kitty Puffs are colorful yarn and tinsel tightly woven to make them “tuff” against the playfulness of your cat. The real rabbit fur mouse cat toy are two colors, gray and white, natural colors that make a rattle sound that […]

Tuff Kitty Puff Sparkle Ball Cat Toy

The Sparkle ball comes by many names. We have heard Tinsel, glitter, as well as sparkle be used for this pom pom type cat toy. I don’t see how this toy is not a part of every cat household! These toys are great activity for any cat of any age. They are lightweight and easy […]

Healthy Cat Play and the human bond

There is a lot out there on cat behavior, cat training, differences between breeds and cat health. I could sit here and list things to watch for, how your cat should react but I would be just quoting the experts. No matter how much you research you still come to the results of what works […]

Tuff Kitty Puff Sparkle Ball Cat Toys

Tuff Kitty Puff Cat Toy Sparkle Ball Cat Toys Does your cat play rough and tough with their toys? Do you go through the basic sparkle ball fast? Then you need to try these TUFF Kitty Puffs.  This tinsel, glitter or sparkle ball is what started it all for us. This is THE Cat toy our Kats’N […]

Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Cat Toy

Real Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Cat Toy Part of our NEW! Collection of Classic Retro Cat Toys! These fun cat toys are made of  100% Rabbit Fur and with a new design gives them more weight. More fun to throw or bat around. Only in Natural Color, these Pom Pom Cat Toys measure about 2 […]

Real Rabbit Fur Long Hair Mouse Cat Toy

Long Hair Rabbit Fur Mouse Cat Toy Description Real Rabbit Fur Long Hair Mouse Cat Toy. NEW ITEM! Real fur mice cat toys are getting hard to find. We are constantly doing research to find real fur mouse. We stumbled upon these as another choice from our other TOP SELLER Fur Mouse cat toy. They […]