Tuff Kitty Puff Sparkle Ball Cat Toys

Tuff Kitty Puff Cat Toy Sparkle Ball Cat Toys Does your cat play rough and tough with their toys? Do you go through the basic sparkle ball fast? Then you need to try these TUFF Kitty Puffs.  This tinsel, glitter or sparkle ball is what started it all for us. This is THE Cat toy our Kats’N […]

Cat Lover Gifts

According to the Humane Society of the United States as of August 2011: There are approximately 86.4 million owned cats in the US. 33% of US households own at least one cat. 52% of owners own more than one cat. 88% of owned cats are spayed or neutered. These  statistics were compiled from the American […]

Finding the best Cat Toy

Lucy was one of four kittens from our Mama cat. She was what would be called a tuxedo cat. She had perfect black and white markings with a very cute black nose. It took a while to befriend her since Mama cat was wild. But over the years she warmed up to us and ended up […]

Crystal Glass Nail Files

Crystal Glass Nail Files This is the ultimate gift item. A crystal glass manicure or pedicure file is  perfect for a personal gift.   Two sizes to choose from: Regular size (5.5 inch)   Perfect for your nightstand or coffee table! Price: Mini size (3.5 inch) Purse or wallet size!  Choose from Paw Print or Black Cat […]

Cat Toy All in One Package

Kats’n Us All in One Cat Toy Package   This package of cat toys is the ultimate gift for all cat lovers and their cats! Everything you need to have hours of fun with your cat! Great for cats of all shapes, colors and sizes. It is like a party in a tube!  Description  1 […]

Cat Charmer Teaser Wand

Cat Charmer Teaser Wand   Description: Colorful 4 1/2 feet long fleece fabric is connected to a strong 12 inch clear acrylic wand. The wand will not break easily. The fleece fabric will stretch but not fray. The Cat Charmer is produced in the USA. It is designed by the Cat Dancer Company.  Features: Great […]

Crochet Mouse with Feather Tail Cat Toy

Crochet Mouse with Feather Tail Cat Toy       Description: This mouse is about 2 inches long and comes in bright assorted colors. Even the feathers attached as the tail are very colorful! The fabric used is a type of woven crochet burlap material. Cute little pink felt ears are attached as well as […]

Mrs. Rocky Tuff Mouse

Mrs. Rocky Tuff Mouse Cat Toy   Description: This cat toy has been around for a long time.  Very durable and long lasting, these toys are about 2 inches long. They are made of a tough felt material in a square shape.  Colored felt ears, eyes with a colored string tail make these cute toys […]

Tickler Cat Toy Kit

Tickler Cat Toy Kit Or Tickler Tube of Toys     All cats just love to play with feathers. They think it is an actually bird! We put together this Cat Toy Tube with that in mind. Description 1 Feather Teaser Wand 1 Hot Cat  Catnip toy 2 Mylar Crinkle Balls 1 Feather tail mouse […]

Cat Toy Kit with Laser Pointer

Cat Toy Kit with Laser Pointer Or Tube of Cat Toys with a Laser Pointer     All cats love a laser pointer!  So we decided to add a 5 in 1 Laser Pointer to the Original Tube of Cat Toys. Description 1 18 inch long plastic tube 1 Cat Charmer teaser wand 2 pieces […]