Finding the best Cat Toy

Lucy was one of four kittens from our Mama cat. She was what would be called a tuxedo cat. She had perfect black and white markings with a very cute black nose. It took a while to befriend her since Mama cat was wild. But over the years she warmed up to us and ended up […]

Cat Toy All in One Package

Kats’n Us All in One Cat Toy Package   This package of cat toys is the ultimate gift for all cat lovers and their cats! Everything you need to have hours of fun with your cat! Great for cats of all shapes, colors and sizes. It is like a party in a tube!  Description  1 […]

How much catnip do you need?

I was going to write an article about how to grow catnip or even organic catnip. But after searching the web for articles about the subject I discovered that there is a lot of blogs, articles, ehows on planting, growing, harvesting catnip. There is even a website exclusive to catnip. So why should I write […]

Cat Toy Kit

Cat Toy Kit or Tube of Cat Toys An assortment of kitty favorites all packaged together! This kit started it all! Description 1 18 inch long plastic tube 1 Cat Charmer Teaser Wand 2 pieces of Designer Tissue Paper 1 Hot Cat Catnip Sausage Toy 1 gray Fur Mouse 2 colorful Sparkle Balls Features 5 different […]

Catnip Toy

Hot Cat Catnip ‘Sausage’ Cat Toy         Stuffed with pure catnip – no fillers – This catnip toy “sausages” are stuffed full with only the finest quality catnip leaves and flowers, organically grown here in the Pacific Northwest. This single link toy is packed with 1/2 cup of herb – no filler. […]

Catnip Vs Catnip

Catnip (Nepta cataria) is classified as an herb and is a member of the mint family. The aroma of fresh or dried catnip can send cats into what we call “kitty frenzy” or others will just become calm and relax. The experts are not really sure how or why it affects cats but they definitely […]