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sparkle ball mouse with rattle cat toy pack

Cat toy packages

Two of our most popular items put together in one pack! The  Sparkle ball Tuff Kitty Puffs are colorful yarn and tinsel tightly woven to make them “tuff” against the playfulness of your cat. The real rabbit fur mouse cat toy are two colors, gray and white, natural colors that make a rattle sound that all cats love.



  • This Pack contains 5 Kitty Puff sparkle balls, & 2 Real Fur Mouse with rattle Cat Toy.
  •   The glitter tinsel pom poms come in assorted colors. Colors are Red, blue, white, gold, green and pink.
  • Real rabbit fur mouse is natural gray and white in color with a rattle. The rattle sound is made by a small pebble in the belly.
  •     Cats love to bat the sparkle ball pom poms around and think the mice are real!
  •     Mouse is 2 inches in length with a rattle, Tuff kitty puff sparkle balls are 1 1/2 inches in diameter.


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