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Sparkle Ball Cat Toy, Are they created Equal?

compare sparkle ball cat toyThe sparkle ball comes in many names. Tinsel ball, tinsel pom pom, Glitter ball, glitter pom pom, Sparkle ball cat toy and many more. This cat toy has been around the cat world for a long time. Back when we started this company you could find this toy everywhere. You could buy just one, a package of so many, even a canister. Usually they would come in 6 different colors. Blues, reds, greens, white, gold, and pink. How they were made was for cats. Tightly woven tinsel and yarn that was very hard to pull out and be swallowed. Then something happened. They started disappearing. The ones that were found were not the same. Tinsel was easy to pull out. The ball itself was softer, and the quality was just not there.

All through this we were trying to buy what ever stock of the original Sparkle ball there was. Tuff Kitty Puff was another name that we started using to try to differentiate from the cheap knock offs and the great original sparkle ball cat toy. We did find a company that was selling a “Craft tinsel pom” that was very similar to the original. The tinsel was hard to pull out but the whole pom pom was softer to the touch. It was the best product or closest to what we were wanting to offer. We have offered it on our site  to at least have something that is safe and fun for the cats. It still was not exactly what we wanted. We started getting disillusioned, until we found hiding in a warehouse a large bag of the original tightly woven kitty puffs! That is what we have listed on our website Tuff kitty puff cat toy.    Of course as we have sold our supply down, we had to make a decision. These great cat toys need to be available to all so we are going to have these manufactured for ourselves.

Glitter pom pom Cat ToySparkle ball tuff kitty puff cat toyAs of March 2014 our Tuff Kitty puffs  have arrived!

They are better than we expected! 6 colors to choose from: Blue, Red, Green, Gold, white, and Purple. They will still be offered in assorted colors unless we get a special request. Sparkle Ball Kitty Puff

Welcome the Tuff Kitty Puff Sparkle Ball Cat Toy Mascot!  He is helping us offer this freshly made Cat toys! These great old fashion toys can bring out the hunter instinct in your cat . Field tested by our Kats’N Us staffers for durability, aerobatic exercise, and for all over fun! One of those toys that you just can’t have one of…… but find them all under furniture!

When you are shopping for a Sparkle ball cat toy, make sure you are buying a quality cat toy. Check to make sure the company you are buying from is actually  selling what is pictured and has a good reputation. It is sad in this day we have to worry about what we are buying. There is a lot of counterfeit products out there and a lot of companies that care more about the money then about the customer and the pets! After saying that do realize a cat toy is meant to be played with and even a well made toy can be destroyed during cat play showing that your cat was having a lot of fun!


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2 Responses so far.

  1. Joey Hoover says:

    The sparkle ball cat toys to they have plastic in them I’m asking cuz I have a plastic allergy

    • admin says:

      Hi Joey,
      Thank you for your question. Our sparkle balls are made of tinsel and yarn. The tinsel used today is a plastic product. If you are concerned about an allergy, we would not recommend this product for you.

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