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Sky Kennel 500 All In one Airline Pet Travel Package

Sky kennel 500 package





No fuss! You get an airline approved crate, enough metal nuts and bolts for this crate, the proper amount of live animal labels, Dry Fur pads, enough cable ties, food and water bowls that fit the door, pet ID tags, Everything! We put it all together make it easier on you and your pet! OUR (ALL in ONE) Complete Pet Airline Kit – Guaranteed to be accepted by ALL Airlines. All the features are listed below.

Sky Kennel 500-Crate Measurements:

 40 “L x 25″W x 29″H (OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS) 36″L x 23″W x 28″H (INSIDE DIMENSIONS)

 Suggested to fit Pets up to 34″ LONG x  26″ TALL

Kit includes EVERYTHING required by airlines for pet airline travel or transport in cargo / luggage area of plane. Whether your pet cat or dog is traveling with you as checked excess baggage or without you as Cargo, This kit includes everything needed. We take the guess work out of it!

100% Airline Approved by ALL AIRLINES

 100% Approved for Domestic and International Flights

 IATA – USDA – FAA  Compliant

 100% Airline Ready – NO Modifications REQUIRED

Sky Kennel 500 airline Crates have all the latest state of the art safety features like pre-drilled Cable Tie Holes around the doors, Metal Grated Side Panels, Ventilation on all 4 sides, Solid Metal Nuts and Bolts, Covered Door Posts, Tie-down Strap holes on all 4 corners.

Included is the DryFur® “First Class” Deluxe Pet Airline Travel Kit.  This kit is Airline Approved for Domestic and International Pet Travel.

All these Crate accessories (dishes, hardware etc.) are guaranteed to fit perfectly. No more deciding if the dishes fit the door, or if you have enough metal nuts and bolts.

FEATURES of the Sky 500 Airline Package:

      • 1 Airline Approved Kennel-Crate. Measures 40 “L x 25″W x 29″H (OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS)
      • 1 Super Absorbent Pad 24″ x 35″ with Stay-Put Adhesive strips to keep pads in place.
      • 1 Set Spill Proof CLEAR Kennel Food & Water Cups holds 3 cups each
      • 1 FULL Set of Live Animal Stickers/feeding instructions (5 Labels) (3 with Arrows are made with special Reflective material for better visibility)
      • 1 Set of Solid Metal Kennel Securing Nuts & Bolts
      • 1 Set of Plain Cable Ties
      • 1 set of Hand Releasable Cable ties for securing door
      • 1 Temporary Pet ID Tag
      • 1 Plastic Kennel Name Tag
      • 1 PET Airline Check-List & do it yourself instructions
      • 1 CLEAR Document Storage Zip Pouch
      • 1 CLEAR Reinforced Dry Food Storage Zip Bag
      • 1 CLEAR Pet Passport/Leash Harness Pouch


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