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Shipping Pet Airline Crates to Afghanistan

We applaud the efforts of serviceman not only for what they do for the country but when it comes to rescuing dogs overseas. In Afghanistan in particular dogs are either used for fighting, a local sport, or are roaming the streets looking for shelter and food.

We just recently had a lovely lady working at the US Embassy in Afghanistan request our largest pet airline crate package. She had rescued a very cute puppy, an Afghan Kochi that had been roaming the streets. Her tour was coming to an end and wanted to take her new friend home to Washington DC. She discovered that we ship world wide and loved that everything she needed for traveling with her dog came in one pet airline package.

So we wanted to accommodate her as much as possible. Our Bear Airline Crate  Package is our largest crate package.  This package is not only 34 lbs. but it measures 40 inches by 26 inches by 18 inches high. This size is rated over-sized for UPS and Fed Ex. Due to having a APO address, UPS and Fed Ex will not ship there. The Post Office will ship to APO addresses but the size of this package is too big for them. She was able to email us an actual address of the Embassy but discovered that no matter who we used, the cost of shipping was well over $1200. Amazingly it was only going to take a week to get there!  But the cost was twice what it was going to be to travel with her dog on  a plane.

After doing more research we asked if it was possible that she could get someone over there to convert a wood crate into a kennel. The military always has things shipped in all types of crates. So finding a wood crate should be simple. We suggested that she go the website DryFur.com and check out an article they wrote about Building a custom wood pet shipping crate.

She was ecstatic. She said it would not be difficult to find a local resident to help her build a crate. They are very helpful and always looking for work. She was able to get the necessary accessories for the crate at Dry Fur.com. She may not have bought anything from us but to be able to help someone who is helping a 4 legged friend is all the payment we need! We wish her the best on her travel back home!

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  1. Stevie G says:

    Wow you guys are great! That’s how you can tell a great company, someone who offers pet owners a solution even if it means no financial gain, just for the love of pets and a respect for the bond between owners and their beloved pets. Wish you and your company the best!

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