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Need to catch a mole? Have a cat

Bob the catThis is a story my husband told me when I got home one day. As he was telling the story, Bob was bouncing around the yard like he knew we were talking about him! This happened at a time when we had a litter of 4 kittens from a stray. They sat and watch this. My husband Phil and the cats were out in the back yard. Bob was walking on the lawn and stopped. He dug a hole and put his paw down it. Came up empty. He waited a second and put his paw down the hole again. He lifted his paw up out of the hole with a mole attached squeaking to high heaven. He batted it around a bit then picked it up and carried it over the the kittens. He dropped it in front of them, and strutted off. It was like he was saying to them, “That’s how you do it”. My husband was in shock. He had never seen a cat sense where a mole was and then dig it up! And on top of that teach little cats what to do. Now anytime we see a mole hole in one of our customers yard,(we have a landscape company) we think of Bob. If we could have hired him out we would have been millionaires.

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