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Mama Cat

Kats'n Us catMama Cat or 3 1/2

Our cat Odie was a very friendly cat. He always greeted people as they strolled down the street. He would help the  neighbors in their yards.  Mostly he would follow me around the neighborhood when I would take a walk or looking for one of our cats, Bob who believed he owned the whole block. It never failed that Odie would bring a friend home. I mean that is how we found Bob! This time Odie was followed home by a pretty cat we named Mama cat or 3 1/2. The name Mama  because she was pregnant and 3 /12 because she was missing half of her front right leg.

This cat could be classified as feral or wild. During her entire life with us which ended up to be about 9 years , we never petted her. We think she stuck around because she was in love with Odie. When ever possible she tried to get his attention. After she had 4 kittens,(Not Odies, he was fixed) in our basement, we took her reluctantly to the vet to have her fixed and discovered she was about 8 yrs. old and was born with 3 1/2 legs. She had a pad like on a paw where her elbow would be on her right front leg. It was amazing she survived as long as she did and was even more amazing to watch how she would dig or play with the other cats.

She was very protective of her kittens as any mama cat would be.   Which made it hard to get friendly with them.  We decided to keep the family since no one would want a 3 1/2 legged cat and the kittens had not been socialized. This is how we started having 9 cats in the household! She had 2 females and 2 male kittens. One male kitty, Barney looded like Mama. The other male, :inus was gray. The two females were black and white, Katie and Lucy. Over the years we were able to get closer to 2 of the kittens.  But no matter how they interacted with us it  was fun to watch how our little community of cats interacted with each other.

Mama cat was pretty content to stick around our yard , house and follow Odie around.  She was very close to her youngest and smallest kitten, Katie. They were inseparable. The cutest thing was every night once we went to bed, Mama cat would come upstairs, check it out, and then call for Katie to come up to eat. They had their own way of communicating. We were glad we were able to give Mama cat a home to live out her life. Odie never confessed but I think he liked her being around too.

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