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Linus the cat


As time passes it is always hard to remember all the cat stories from all the Kats’N Us staff we have had over the years. It is probably good that I started a kitty blog to capture what stories I do remember. I was going over pictures for our websites and found one of our cat Linus. Linus was a big beautiful cat. He weighed about 15 pounds but it was all muscle. He was mostly gray with a little white and had a very calm disposition.  He was one of the 4 kittens Mama cat had so he was a bit on the wild side.  We had to trap him to get him fixed but he stayed with us for all of his 15 years.  We would find him curled up somewhere in the room with us  but always at a distance. Linus never strayed beyond our property and was perfectly content  sunning  himself somewhere in the back yard.  You would think he would guard the territory because of his size, but he knew Bob was the king of the clan. What always made us smile was when this big muscle bound cat would play with the smallest thing he could find.  One time we caught him batting around a really small piece of dry food by the food dish.  It was quite a site!   He always  kept to himself but seemed to know where every one was and was perfectly content to watch from afar.  He was a happy cat.linus-on-swing

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