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Kittens love to play – Meet Tucker and Pete

kitten storiesKats’N Us has two new staffers! Meet Tucker and Pete. They are brothers and at this writing they are 6 months old. It was just by chance that we came across these two. We had to say goodbye to our long time staffer Lucky. Our Vet, that we have been with for years offered to come to our house and help with saying goodbye. Lucky had a great life with us and will be truly missed. This left us with one cat, our 6 year old Buddy. This is so not like us to have one cat. We mentioned to the vet that if we had a choice next time we add cats to our staff, it would be siblings, orange in color and we would love to have a Manx.

About two weeks later, 3 kittens came into the vet’s office. 1 was black, 2 were orange, all were brothers and one had no tail, like a Manx. They had lost their mom but by chance the vet had a mom cat that had just lost her litter so she became the surrogate mom to these three. The people that brought the kittens in wanted the black one but not the orange two. What is the chance? So the vet immediately called us and now we have two new staffers!  tucker-and-pete-on-rock

It has been awhile since we have had kittens. We have never had two so people pleasing, very connected to each other and fascinated with everything!  There is something about a broom or dry swifter?!? They both have a lot of fur and with some research, we believe they both are Manx, just one has a tail and one does not. Oh and the toys!! They probably have tested all the toys. Their favorites are the rabbit fur toys. Pete favors the rabbit fur long hair white mouse. Tucker favors that one and the rabbit fur gray fur pom pom. Not to exclude Buddy. His favorite is the pink rabbit fur pom pom cat toy. Buddy took a bit to get use to these two. We think it is more of an age difference. We keep reminding him that he was introduced as a young cat to our family and was accepted so he just needs to let them know where they are in the ranks. It will take time. When Buddy thinks we are not looking, he plays with them. So we do have progress.

We will continue to add blog posts about these two. They have been quite the adventure and we are looking forward to them helping us develop new toys!

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