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Household uses for Kitty litter

Have you every been in the garage and accidentally spilt some oil or grease on the floor?  Have you ever thought of using kitty litter to clean it up? There is a lot of household uses for  non clumping  kitty litter. Here are a few:

Clean up oil or grease spill:  Just pour a small amount of dry litter on the spill and let it absorb the mess. Discard the litter as you would  old oil. A 10-pound bag of litter will absorb more than a gallon of liquid.

Absorb moisture: Place some kitty litter in a damp place; closet or attic to absorb moisture in those spots.

If you have a problem with dampness and mildew in the bottom of your trash cans, sprinkle a thin layer of fresh cat litter; change the litter every week or whenever it is damp.

 Flower drying: To dry fresh flowers, cut them at their peak and set in tray filled with 1 inch of clean kitty litter. Cover flowers with more litter. Allow to dry in a dark, dry spot for 2-7 days.

 Deodorize: Deodorize stinky shoes by placing a cup or two of clean cat litter in knee-high pantyhose, tie a knot and leave it in the shoe overnight.

 Household chores: Some very course cat litter has an abrasive effect that can be used at home.  A couple uses are:

  • Put some course litter in an old sock and use that filled sock for removing splinters from boards.
  • Place some course clean cat litter in an old sock to remove pealing paint that you will be repainting soon.

Traction: Carry a bag of kitty litter in the trunk of your car and use it to aid tire traction on icy roads. It can also provide traction and improve safety on sidewalks, steps and driveways. Sprinkle a small amount on the ground before you get out of your car for foot traction in icy conditions.

Can you think of some other uses?

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