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Healthy Cat Play and the human bond

Buddy the catThere is a lot out there on cat behavior, cat training, differences between breeds and cat health. I could sit here and list things to watch for, how your cat should react but I would be just quoting the experts.

No matter how much you research you still come to the results of what works best for you and your cat. It is like there is sooooo many ways to loose weight and get healthy, what works for you?

In our experience with our cats, we have had, we have discovered that they not only want to play but they want to play with you. We have had outdoor hunters, apartment only, and ones that choice to be inside or out that day. In all cases we have not had a cat completely destroy a toy in an instant. Only time I remember is my first cat Abby, tore up her favorite toy one day after having it for a year or two, because I had not spent any time with her due to long hours at work. Once I realized that, I made an effort to play with her for even 20 mins. A day and it made a difference in her attitude. Made a difference in mine too! Talk about improving your stress level….play with your cat!
We make every effort with our current field testers, like Buddy in this picture to assist us during the day with the task of getting orders ready, product testing, and even shipping. Taking a moment in between tasks to play or take a nap is what they expect and creates that human bond they so desire. Especially if they take a nap in something we are currently using!
You don’t have to spend all day with them.They are by nature pretty independent. But you will notice for yourself and for them, when you spend a few minutes each day playing, talking, or laughing with your cat, life is better.

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