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Finding the best Cat Toy

Lucy was one of four kittens from our Mama cat. She was what would be called a tuxedo cat. She had perfect black and white markings with a very cute black nose. It took a while to befriend her since Mama cat was wild. But over the years she warmed up to us and ended up being a pretty cool cat. She was one of our best field tester for cat toys. She actually is one of the reasons we even started our Tubes of cat toys.

We discovered years ago that cats loved tissue paper. If you don’t believe us, wait till the holidays where tissue paper and presents are abundant, put some tissue paper or even wrapping paper down on the floor and watch what your cats will do.  We ended up having a couple pieces of tissue paper in the same spot all the time in the living room. To make it more fun, I put one of our catnip sausages on the tissue paper and maybe a sparkle ball. Pretty soon our cats discovered these fun toys and started play. Every morning Lucy would wander over to the tissue paper and the catnip.  In fact no one would be able to use these toys until Lucy was done. She was very protective of her cat toys. They would have to wait. Some days the tissue paper would be in many pieces and all over the room. No one would confess but someone was having fun while we were away.

After watching the fun for awhile we wondered how we could share all of this with other cat people. That is when we came up with the idea of putting an assortment of toys in one package. We found that our cats always played with the same toys even if we added new ones to the mix.  Of course they would test these new toys but would always go back to their favorites. Since cats taste in cat toys can be different we came up with several options of cat toy tubes to satisfy cats of all shapes and sizes.

Even though Lucy is not with us, we still remember all the wonderful hours of field testing she would do for us. In fact the new field testers we have still can enjoy the tissue paper and catnip in the same place in the living room. They just don’t have to wait to play. Which cat toy tube would your cat love to test?

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