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Each cat has a unique trait

Have you ever noticed that each cat has a unique trait? They all seem to do one little thing differently than any other like sleeping in a unique position, run in a different way, or have a certain “meow’. We, here at Kats’n Us have enjoyed over the years seeing which unique trait each kitty we’ve owned will have. Abby had two unique traits. One was drinking water. She would drink water from a faucet upside down. I never did get a picture of this, but the memory is still there. She would sit or lay in the bathroom sink in our old house till we would turn on the faucet. She could be laying in there for hours but she knew we would go in there at some point. We always had a bowl of water sitting by her food but she preferred to sit and wait till we turned on the faucet. Then she sit up and turn her head upside down and drink the water. You would think there would be an easier way but that was her unique trait!.

The other fun trait she had was when we would play. She loved being chased or chase me around the house. During this kitty frenzy time, if it was my turn to chase her, she would arch her back and bounce sideways and then take off! It was so cute to see and have not had a cat yet do the same. I have seen kittens do it for a moment but Abby did it even as she aged into her teens.
What unique trait does your cat have?

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  1. JoeAnn says:

    Unique Trait? Mr. K. sits next to you on the bed and stares when he thinks its time for you to get up. If you don’t open your eyes he reaches out with his paw and taps you on the face. I don’t know how he knows you are awake but he seems to.

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