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New Collection Retro Classic Cat Toys

Kats’N Us to Launch New Collection of Classic Retro Cat Toys

The most popular old fashion cat toys are back and available now – just in time for the holiday gift-giving season for cats and cat lovers worldwide!

Cat Owners today are in search of classic toys that their cats love the best. Usually it is the toy their cat played with as a kitten, or it is that old favorite toy that brings out their natural hunting instincts. Some of these favorites of yesteryear have been phased out and replaced with faux fur, dyed fur or products that fall short of durability. “It is amazing how the cats know the difference” says Sue Lyster, Owner of Kats’N Us.Cat playing with Cat toys

After years of field testing toys of all kinds, Kats’N Us discovered that their best sellers were the Sparkle Ball, the Natural Rabbit Fur Mouse, and the Natural Rabbit Fur Pom Pom. They realized these old time cat toys were not only durable, but also great for bringing out cats natural hunting instincts, and proven to increase activity and exercise. As popularity increased and supplies diminished, Kats’N Us realized that the best solution would be to become an official manufacturer of these hard to find nostalgic cat toys. This would insure an endless supply not only for their own retail customers but also for other retailers or distributors. “ These toys have been around a long time, it would be a shame to see them disappear.” says Sue Lyster.

The official launching of Kats’N Us new retro cat toy collection will include such nostalgic favorites as the natural Rabbit Fur Mouse, the natural Rabbit Fur Pom Pom, the Jumbo Sparkle Ball, and the TUFF Kitty Puff. The Rabbit fur toys are made out of 100% real rabbit fur, no dyes or chemicals. The TUFF Kitty Puff and the Jumbo Sparkle Ball come in assorted brilliant colors in a tightly woven ball for durability.

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Kats’N Us specializing in classic and retro cat toys, cat lover gifts and pet travel packages. Everything your cat needs to have fun!

Classic Cat toy collectionFor more information, please visit www.catsnus.com.

Packaged in 8” x 3” x 2” Clear Poly Bags with Header Card for shelf display, or free standing. Header Card can be altered for hook display upon request. Cat toys also available in unpacked bulk for counter canisters.


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2 Responses so far.

  1. JoeAnn says:

    Question: Has anyone figured out what harness to use on a cat who has figured out how to get loose from the usual ones found in stores? I have both that are recommended for cats, but Mr. K. has figured that if he backs up they will come off.
    Thanks, JoeAnn

    • admin says:

      There is no such a thing as a escape proof harness on the market. Any cat or dog for that matter, can figure out the maneuver of backing out and using the leash to pull over their head. We suggest to eliminate this from happening, reposition yourself behind your cat so he can’t do that. so every time he tries, just move into his way and pretty soon he will figure out that is not an option. It takes some time to break them of that behavior. When trying to get a cat use to any type of clothing it takes a lot of patience.

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