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Choosing the right sparkle ball cat toy for your cat


Cat playing with Cat toys There is a Lot of Cat toys in the world. One of the best is the Sparkle ball. Sparkle balls come in all colors and sizes and by lots of different names. Tinsel Ball, glitter ball, glitter pom pom, kitty puff, even cat ball to name a few.

What we have become aware of is that size of these fun little balls is important and can be mislabeled. This particular ball is one of our best sellers and we have done a lot of research on the quality, durability and size of the right glitter ball for a cat. There is companies out there that are misrepresenting what size they are offering.

Here in the USA, 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch can mean different sizes depending on where the ball is produced. We have bought sparkle balls from different companies and will order a 1 1/2 inch toy and find that it really is 1 inch or less. It all depends on how they are measured. Converting from centimeters to inches and be done incorrectly.

Here at Kats’N Us we are concerned about:

  • The tinsel or glitter ball is not too small to swallowTinsel cat toy
  • The tinsel does not pull out of the yarn ball easy
  • The yarn and metallic tinsel used is Eco-friendly and non- toxic.
  • Hours of fun!

After all our research we decided to manufactured these fun toys ourselves to make sure the quality and size is exactly what we described and what works best for cat play. So when you are looking for the right sparkle ball for your feline friend make sure you are getting what is described.

Your cats will thank you!

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