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Charlie the cat, a good soul.

Charlie “Go Lucky” Cat.

We would call Charlie affectionately  “Charlie Barley”.  He was a big all gray fluffy cat. A large size cat like a Main Coon in a small legged body.  A big Fluff ball.  But what a great soul. Actually he was the
neighbors  cat. While Bob was alive Charlie never visited us. For some reason Bob did not like Charlie. He never told us why but Charlie could never step over to our side of the street. Charlie wanted to, but just watched from across the way. He probably wanted to come over and play  with the community of cats we had at the time. But not while Bob was around. About a month after Bob passed away, Charlie came to visit….and he stayed.  He decided that he wanted to live with us.  We discussed this with the neighbors but how do you tell a cat where he should be living? He would go over and visit and would lay on our garage roof and watch them but he was perfectly content to live with us. So we all agreed to go along.Kats;n Us cats

Charlie was a happy go lucky cat. He always liked to be petted. Loved to sit next to you as long as you stroked his fur. He would paw at you if you didn’t do your job. He loved to  greet new potential ‘Please pet me’  guests and just be part of the group.  He would let Lucky be the dominate cat since he was here first and Lucky would let Charlie know who was boss.  Lucky thought he was next in line after we lost Bob. Charlie would just go along even though he could take Lucky at any time.  Maybe that is why Charlie was so calm. He knew if he had to he could control the situation. I did see him once make a tom cat know he was on the wrong property. I never did see that tom cat again.
Charlie was just a happy soul that brighten our world for about 9 years.  We still think of him  and remember  times when he made us smile, He will be truly missed.

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