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Cats Love high places

Cat Blog about OdieCats are very curious things. They love to check out little crevices, open bags, the top of cabinets, and the outside world holds so much more. Why do they like high places? Perhaps it is to watch over their territory. It could also be to torment their humans. Our fun loving Odie cat cared for both of us but probably was closer to me. At least my husband Phil thought so. This was proven one sunny day. I was out working at my job at the time and Phil had finished his day and was at home working in the yard. Odie as with all our cats loved it when we were in the yard. He was keeping and eye on Phil, watching any other activity like bugs flying, leaves moving, and wait… what is this? ” Hey what if I climbed this tall pole and see if I can watch for Sue to come home.” Odie proceeded to climb to the very top of the telephone pole next to our yard. Phil was frantic. Now this pole only had telephone wires on it, not any electrical wiring but still this was the highest Phil had ever seen Odie climb.

Phil tried everything to get Odie down. Calling his name, making our little noise that he responds to, even rattling the food dish to get any kind of reaction. Odie would have none of this. Even though he was meowing and getting a little uncomfortable on the top, he was not wanting to come down. Phil called the fire department. Isn’t that what you are suppose to do if you cat is in a tree and won’t come down? I mean a good half an hour had gone by and Odie was not budging. The fire department said that in their experience cats will come down on their own when they are ready. That wasn’t very settling but you can’t force the fire department to help they have more important matters to attend to.  I still think that Odie was being very amused by all this attention he was getting. Either that or he was annoyed with all the fuss. All he was doing was being on the tallest thing he could think of to watch for my truck! Didn’t Phil and the neighbors, (who by now where involved and concerned) know that?

What was really amazing is after everything that Phil tried to do, and with all the time that had past, Odie came down the pole as quick as he went up. Why? Because my truck turned the corner and came up to the house. All I had to do was call for him and down he came! Cats love high places and they love their humans. Well, maybe one more than the other.

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