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Cats have their own talk

cat storiesCats have their own communications, meet Katie.

Katie was the runt of the litter. She was a very pretty black and white cat with a cute little
black nose.  She never got very big and was inseparable with Mama cat. We always found them together.  They would soak up the sun side by side,  sleep curled up together and if we only saw one of them,  the other one wouldn’t be far behind.  Since Mama was wild, so was Katie. We never were able to get really close. We did captured them both when it was time to get them fixed but you could say we all cohabited at a distance.

One of the cute things that happened every night was after we went to bed, Mama cat would come up and check things out.  Remember we
cohabited at a distance. So these two would eat together when no one was around. We could hear her roaming around from room to room, making sure it was safe. Pretty  soon she would start meowing a certain way. Then we would hear Katie responding in the same manner.
They had their own communications. It seems like Mama would come up and make sure the coast was clear and then tell Katie to come up and eat. They would stand guard as each other ate their dinner.. Then they would go off back downstairs to guard the cat door. They were the best of friends.

Cats definitely have their own way to talk to each other. It may be a quick meow, chirp or a long cry but they know what they are saying. it makes you wonder if they chit chat about us. I do know they warn each other about trouble. Especially if one of them needs to go to the Vet. It is amazing how they all scatter when word gets out. Of course living at a distance with Katie, the Vet was not an option unless we had to. Fortunately she was a healthy cat with no issues. Just followed Mama around and took each day one by one.

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