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Cats are territorial

Cat name BobBob the Manx.

He was a very unique cat. We believe he followed our Odie cat home one day and decided this was where he would live out his life. We guessed that someone left him at a house around the corner. He was defintely a survivor. He was our example of how cats can be very territorial. You might notice that if you have indoor cats. They usually do not like new pets at first. Bob basically patrolled a 2 block radius. He was fixed but still made sure all creatures knew this was his territory. For the 15 years he was with us, we had no squirrels, stray cats, rats, moles, mice in the 2 block area. Even the neighbors commented that they hadn’t seen a mole or gopher since Bob was around. Any kind of stray cat that thought it would control the area almost knew not to come into Bob’s territory. He would however come home with pitch from trees that he had climbed, bumps and scratches but usually it good shape. He even kept our other cats in line. Not like they would get out of line. But there is a pecking order. All Bob had to do was give the look. If he wanted the chair, he would cock his head to the side and give the look! If I was a stray cat I wouldn’t mess with the look! Our other cats were not exception. It has been over 3 years since we lost Bob. If you look in the 2 block radius we have squirels and too many male stray cats wandering through! We sure miss our Bob.

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