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Cat Toy All in One Package

Kats'n Us Deluxe Cat Toy KitKats’n Us All in One Cat Toy Package


This package of cat toys is the ultimate gift for all cat lovers and their cats! Everything you need to have hours of fun with your cat! Great for cats of all shapes, colors and sizes.

It is like a party in a tube!


  •  1 18 inch long plastic vinyl tube
  • 1 Cat Charmer Teaser Wand
  • 1 Feather Teaser Wand
  • 2 pieces of designer Tissue Paper
  • 1 Fur gray mouse
  • 1 two tone mouse with feather tail
  • 2 Sparkle balls
  • 2 Mylar Glitter Balls
  • 1 Laser Pointer toy on key chain
  • 1 Hot Cat Catnip Toy


  • Cat  Dancer Cat Charmer Teaser Wand. – This 12 inch acrylic wand is connected to a 18 inch long colorful fleece fabric. Snake this around the floor and see how your cat will try to grab or pull at it! Very durable and strong. It won’t break or fray. This Teaser Wand is made in the USA and is one of the original teaser wands.
  • Feather Teaser Wand – Made in Oregon, USA. These 12 inch colorful acrylic wands have real feathers attached. Your cat will love to bat at these!
  •  Designer Tissue Paper –  Comes either with paw prints or cat faces.  Cats love the sound and feel of tissue paper. Lay these pieces on the floor, put the catnip toy on them and watch the fun!
  • Real Rabbit Fur Mouse – Made with stiff cardboard material and covered with soft rabbit fur. With a leather tail, eyes, nose and pink ears, your cat will think this is real!
  • Mouse with a Feather Tail  – This mouse has 2 different colors of soft fur on the outside. A colorful feather tail, pink ears, and a cute nose make these toys very inviting  to bat around. To add more fun a rattle noise is inside which can entice any cat!
  • Sparkle Balls – Our #1 seller.  This colorful 1 1/2 inch foam balls are covered with sparkle tinsel. Easy to bat around, toss in the air, or hide under furniture. This is our cat’s favorite toy!
  • Mylar Glitter Balls – These glitter balls are made of colorful mylar paper. they are about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. This type of paper makes a crinkle sound when you squeeze them. Cats love them because they are lightweight and easy to toss around!
  • Laser Pointer Toy Key chain – All cats love the laser toy! This laser pointer comes as a keychain with 5 different laser beams. Batteries included.
  • Hot Cat Catnip Toy – Made in Oregon,USA. These toys are made from durable denim fabric and is filled with 100% organic catnip flowers and leaves. No fillers! Long lasting, very few cats can resist this particular catnip toy.


No cat will be able to resist all the toys in these tubes. These are great gifts for new cat owners, or hard to buy cat lovers. Cats love fun toys and toys they can interact with you…. that is all these tubes are about.

Try one today!

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