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Cat Dog Key Chain Key Finder

sandykeyfinderKey Chain Key Finders in Cat Designs! Dog too!

Key Finder Sandy kitty


These decorative hooks will locate your keys instantly – never dig inside your purse again! These were created back in 2004 by the Alexx.inc. and is the best key finder key chain out there!

Works great! – hooks on purses, pockets, briefcases, and backpacks.  It’s as simple as this:  keys are attached to the clasp, and the “hook” is placed over the edge of your purse.  A decorative design remains on the outside while your keys are in the safety of the inside of your purse.  You can locate your keys immediately by just reaching for your decorative design.

We here at Kats’N Us have used this key finder key chains for over 10 years. They are strong, fun, and sturdy and we have

chosen to offer the Cat and dog design key finders only. Great for that special Cat Lover or Dog lover!

Key finder Gato

  KEy finder cat design

Fido Key finderkey chain key finder pursekey chian key finder




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