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Kitty Blog: The Cat chase

Cat stories, cat blogAbby was a cute little Black and white cat.  She was the only cat we have owned that I picked from a litter. She and I were pals way back before I got married when it was only her and I in this little old house in a cute neighborhood on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Back then I worked a job that had many hours and not enough play time. But I always made an effort to play with Abby when I got home.

She chose everyday if she would stay inside or play outside in her territory. The days she would stay outside always ended up having the same chase. Who would make it to the back door first? You see, my house was 2 houses from the corner. It had a short steep driveway with a garage in the back. She knew the sound of my little red Honda and would wait for it usually hiding in the neighbors bushes.

When she heard me round the corner, the chase was on. She would jump out of the bushes and race me down the sidewalk and up the driveway. Of course to make it more fun, she would stop at the top of the driveway just where I couldn’t see her to make me stop. By the time I parked the car, Abby would already be by the back door!

No matter what kind of day I had, it always ended up with me smiling as I watch my cute Abby cat beat me to my backdoor! I have to say I never won that game.

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