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Bouncy Ball Rabbit fur String Cat Toy

rabbit fur bouncy ball cat toy

Our TOP SELLING Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Cat toy on a Elastic String!


A new twist on a classic and favorite cat toy. Our real rabbit fur pom poms on a
string. These soft fluffy fur cat toys are attached to a elastic string with a
plastic ring attached. Can hang them on a doorknob, or put on your finger and
pull along the floor. Cats love to attack and enjoy the interactive play with


  • Real rabbit fur Cat toy on a Elastic String. Made in the USA.
  • Choose from these colors: Natural Gray, Natural White, Light Purple, or Light Pink.
  • The soft fluffy pom pom is 2″ in diameter. Elastic colorful cord is 36″long attached with a plastic ring.
  • Made with Real Rabbit fur, Cat string toys brings out the natural hunting instinct.
  • Great interactive toy for your cat. Supervise play recommend with these cat toys.


Rabbit fur Pom Pom cat toy

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