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Best Cat Toy Collection

Classic Cat Toy Bag Can’t decide which classic cat toy to choose? Need a great cat lover gift? These cute fabric paw print gift bags are stuffed with our latest additions to our Kats’N Us Cat toy line. Real rabbit fur mice, Tuff Kitty Puff Sparkle balls, Real rabbit Fur Pom Pom Balls, and Jumbo Tuff Kitty Puff Cat Toys. All the classics together as a sampler! Let your cat decide which is their favorite!



The fun filled Cat Toys that you will find in this Fabric paw print Gift Bag are:

  • 2 Tuff Kitty Puff® Sparkle Ball Cat Toys – Assorted Colors.
  • 2 Real Rabbit Fur Natural Gray Mouse Cat Toy – No rattle
  • 3 Jumbo Tuff Kitty Puff® Sparkle Ball Cat toys – Assorted Colors.
  • 3 Real Rabbit Fur Natural Gray Pom Pom Cat Toys

Pick a bag of fun for your cat today!

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