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Welcome to Kats’N Us!

We are a company based out of the state of Oregon. My husband and I have always had cats. As a couple we have had as many as 10 at a time. Most of them have found us or have followed one of our cats home.

So through the years we have chosen toys for our cats that we think they would play with. As expected, cats decide which toys they play with depending on the day, the hour or just because. The hard part is getting a variety of toys in one package.

Our tubes of toys or cat toy kits include toys for just the cat to play with and interactive toys to get you involved in fun! Cats are healthier with interaction and stimulation.

That’s what these kits offer!

After creating our “All in one Cat toy package” we discovered another area of the pet world that needed an All in one package. Pet Travel. We have put together some pet crate packages that will make traveling with your pet easier and more comfortable. The best thing is they can be for all types of best friends from dogs to cats even Bunnies!


Kats'n Us Cats

Kats’n Us Cats


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Happiness is being owned by a cat or cats!

Cat playing

Lucy playing

Kats’n Us Pet Supply Company

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